Private Equity

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As an investor you are buying more than just assets - you are acquiring a management team that is integral to the success of the deal. Experience tells you the management team is often the difference between a home run deal or a major headache.

Despite a rigorous interviewing process, uncertainty prevails. Successful people are often excellent interviewees and look great on paper, but all too often they can’t scale their leadership. Despite what they say, past success is not a guarantee of future success in your business, with your capital.

Value creation is also realized through the ongoing effectiveness of the management team and its members. Ensuring you have the right leadership and team in place through every stage of the investment period - from diligence to exit - is crucial.

Private equity Services

Management Due Diligence

Increase the accuracy in predicting management’s capabilities, reduce the risk of uncertainty, understand value creation opportunities, and learn how to best partner with management teams when the deal closes.

Portfolio Pulse Check

Understand the health and functioning of portfolio company management teams. Track performance over time to quickly unearth and address issues.

Portfolio Coaching & Development

Accelerate the performance of portfolio management with targeted coaching and development. Address the most critical issues of leadership at a pace complementary to the deal timeline. In doing so, you create value through leadership.


As doctoral-level Management Psychologists, we have a point of view. Sharing our knowledge, ideas, and research enables us to shape the future of leadership and business.

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