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Strengthen your family business and next generation leadership with our Family Office services.


Family-owned businesses face unique pressures, opportunities and vulnerabilities. Generational transitions, investment decisions, family dynamics and conflict all loom large and become more and more complex as the family grows.

For family-owned businesses to sustain their success across generations requires continuous support and attention. Kilberry’s Family Office practice assists families in navigating the challenges of leadership across generations and asset classes. We develop long-term, advisory, and privileged relationships with family business owners.

Family Office Services

Leadership Succession

Succession is the most pivotal inflection point in a family business. We understand the unique nature of such decisions and the host of psychological forces that, despite best intentions, work against you. At Kilberry, we tailor our services and expertise in succession to the realities and complexities of a family-owned company, ultimately ensuring objectivity and fairness. We guide you through the entire succession process no matter where you have begun. In the end, you can expect better alignment and positive momentum.

Next Generation Development and Career Navigation

Being an owner is not the same as being a leader. Family leaders want to know the next generation is getting the kind of insights and developmental experiences that will enable them to be ready in the long term. In other instances, next gen family members don’t have aspirations to necessarily get involved in the core operating business, but have lofty ambitions in their own right. We work with the next generation to gain clarity around their career goals and how they line up with core capabilities. Using our proprietary Next Generation Assessments, we generate personal insights that guide one’s career and life. From this, we help architect the kinds of experiences that will nurture individual capabilities.

Family Alignment and General Advisory

Most family offices find it helpful to have an objective, insightful advisor. Kilberry serves as a sounding board to your family. When things get rough or the balance is somehow off, Kilberry is there to keep everyone aligned. We are trusted advisors to your family.

Next Generation Talent Assessment

No matter how big the company is, in the context of a family business it is especially important to have an accurate and unbiased picture of existing family members’ capabilities. Fairness and objectivity are paramount in the discussion of next generation talent decisions. We help you understand current capabilities in the family as well as future potential, and what to do about it.

Navigating Leadership of the Operating Businesses

Your core operating business is the lifeblood of your family office. It’s where it all started. We help you with a range of services to ensure its success, including selecting the right executives to lead it, coaching and advising them, working with the top team to elevate their effectiveness, and advising you around CEO succession.

We understand that your relationship with the business is unique and we help you navigate it effectively. If you are no longer CEO, we help you work effectively with whoever is sitting in the chair right now. Knowing when to step in and when to step back is complex and will have a major impact on the organization.


As doctoral-level Management Psychologists, we have a point of view. Sharing our knowledge, ideas, and research enables us to shape the future of leadership and business.

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